SRUC Adopt-A-Crop

SRUC gathers crop intelligence from commercial crops in Scotland funded by the Scottish Government as part of its Crop Health Advisory Activity.

A summary of this information is available here. Select a public report (or log in for internal reports).

1) Select the cropping season. The default will be the current season, but you can go back to 1983 harvest.

2) Select a date. This will select all the data one week either side of the chosen date.

3) Select a region. The data can either be for Scotland or three key regions comprising:

  • North - counties north of Forfar in Tayside.
  • East - counties in the south of Scotland including Borders, Lothians, Fife and Tayside.
  • South west - counties in the south west including Dumfriesshire, Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire, from the Scottish-English Border up to Bute.

4) Select a specific crop or All. Crops available include winter and spring cereals and oilseed rape.

5) Select a specific disease or all.

6) Finally click on 'View Report'.

Summary tables are listed for each crop and include crop growth stage based on decimal keys and percentage disease severity (average, minimum and maximum values).

More information on crop growth stages or specific diseases is available on the SRUC Crop Clinic website under the specific crop or disease.

The historic data is most complete for East region and spring barley. Oilseed rape monitoring first started in 1996. Since little reporting occurs over the winter, some selections may not produce a result.